"Head 2 Head"

Myles Killackey vs Jack Healey

"Head 2 Head"

Myles Killackey vs Jack Healey

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Myles killackey

Jack Healey


Head 2 Head

1. Tell us a little about yourself (Name, Age, Location) 

MK: I am Myles Killackey, 20 years old and from Gibsons, British Columbia.

JH: My name is Jack Healey, I am 24 years old from Brockville, Ontario; currently living in Barrie. 


2. How did you get involved with golf?

MK: My grandfather introduced me to the game when I was very young, and I began playing recreationally until I was 14 when some of my friends convinced me to start playing competitively. Best decision I’ve ever made.

JH: I started swinging when I was maybe 5 or so and then started being more interested after participating in junior camps. Like most Canadian kids, I was more of a hockey player  and played golf in the summers, but fell deeper in love and started playing competitively on the Optimist Jr. Tour and the Ottawa Valley Junior Circuit. After converting, I decided that I wanted to work in the golf industry and become a professional.


3. Are you associated with any teams or clubs? 

MK:  I play for the Queen’s Men’s golf team, where I am in my third season. After finishing second in Ontario in 2017, the team is hungry to become champions in my final season next year.

JH: I am a currently a Assistant Junior Coach at Tour Performance Golf Academy based out of Piper’s Heath Golf Club in Milton. 


4. Favorite course in Ontario?

MK: Favourite golf course has to be where I was first taught by my grandfather: Beacon Hall Golf Club. 

JH:  Experience wise, probably Glen Abbey because of the history behind it,

Overall though, Rocky Crest Golf Club.. hands down. 


5. What was your highlight or favorite memory of 2018? 

MK: My favourite golf memory of 2018 was at the BC Amateur during the second round when I was 5 over through 4 holes and knew I was outside of the projected cutline. I then proceeded to play my final fourteen holes at -4 to not only make the cut, but qualify for the Canadian Amateur.

JH: Definitely Scotland. I was lucky enough to go to St. Andrews with my college in October; where we were able to play the Old Course, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns consecutively. Being at the home of golf really makes you appreciate what a special game we are lucky to play.  


6. Whats the plan for 2019? Any specific goals? 

MK; My plan for 2019 is to play as much tournament golf as I can, one event I am very excited for in the BC Amateur which is being held at a true gem of a course in Big Sky Golf Club. My goals for the year are to be more composed on the golf course, make more putts and help the Queen’s Gaels win some titles. .

JH: My plan is to continue playing amateur tournaments, as well as continuing instruction at TP. My main goals for this season are to qualify for the Ontario Amateur/Match play and to attain my PGA of Canada Membership.


7. Who's your favorite player? 

MK; Big fan of all Canadians on tour, favourite non-canadian has to be Alex Noren - love how hard that guy works.

JH: Rory McIlroy; I grew up watching Tiger like everyone else... but Rory’s my guy.


8. What’s some of your hobbies of than golf?

MK; Avid outdoors guy, love playing hockey, skiing, hiking, going to the beach, you name it!

JH; An actual golf related hobby I have is cub customization (paint filling, custom stamping, etc). Outside of golf; I am a huge fan of sports in general, especially football (Vikings are my team), so I spend a lot of time watching them during the season. As well, I am very heavily into music (Rap/Hip-hop) so a lot of time is spent listening and learning about the industry


9. What's your dream job? 

MK;  Dream job hands down would involve hitting a little white ball around a field. Current aspiration are to work in the Canadian financial industry. 

JH;  My dream job would be to be on tour.. that one set sail long ago though. More realistically, I would love to continue the path that I’m on right now and become a successful instructor and coach, while owning my own indoor winter facility. 


10. Anyone you'd like to thank or shoutout? 
MK; Big shout out to Bert Kea for being the the head coach of the Queen’s golf team for 18 years! Lucky to have you coach me for my first two years, we miss you coach. 

JH; The biggest thanks to my parents for helping me realize my priorities and offer unconditional and support throughout my life. My girlfriend, Emily is instrumental in providing more unconditional love and support and giving me a kick in the butt when I need it. My swing coach, Sean and my Sports Psych, Mahsa; without them and everyone else mentioned in my corner this past season, I do not know that I would be continuing to play and teach. 


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