"Head 2 Head"

Mathew Iceton vs Taylor Carter

"Head 2 Head"

Mathew Iceton vs Taylor Carter

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Mathew Iceton

Taylor Carter


Head 2 Head

1. Tell us a little about yourself (Name, Age, Location) 

MI: My Name is Mathew Iceton. I am 24 and I live in Brooklin, Ontario, but I spend my winters in the south; in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

TC:  Hi, my name is Taylor I'm 26 years old, I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and I love to play golf


2. How did you get involved with golf?

MI: The way I got involved with golf was when I was just a toddler my dad took me to the driving range while he hit balls.  He was an avid golfer when I was young so like every kid, I wanted to be like my dad so I picked up my first golf club when I was around 4 months old.  When I was in grade school I played Hockey, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf and ran Cross Country but then stopped playing all of those sports competitively to focus mainly on Golf.

TC:  My dad was big into golf so when I turned 4 years old that's when I started to play golf.


3. Are you associated with any teams or clubs? 

MI:   I am a mentor for golfers who play on the Durham Junior Golf Tour. I help coach the DJGT team as well to help the young golfers reach their goals in the future.  I also help coach kids in junior camps with Golf Performance Coaches.

TC: I'm a member at Katepwa Beach golf club and I also compete with Special Olympics.


4. Favourite course in Canada?

MI:My Favourite golf course in Canada would have to be Cherry Downs Golf Club which is located in Pickering, Ontario.  

TC:  My favourite course in Canada is Katepwa beach golf club I love that course because its challenging  and fun to play.


5. What was your highlight or Favorited memory of 2018? 

MI:  My favorite memory of 2018 is being the head coach for the Durham Junior Golf Tour in the Humber Cup tournament.  The Humber Cup is when all of the regional golf tours bring their top golfers in every age group to compete in one last tournament.  The DJGT team consisted of 4 Junior/Juvenile, 2 Bantams, and 2 girls The team did great. The Junior/Juvenile boys finished in 2nd and the Bantam Boys captured the win. 

TC:  Favourite memory of 2018 was winning a gold medal in golf   


6. Whats the plan for 2019? Any specific goals? 

MI; My plan for 2019 is to qualify for the Mackenzie tour.  My specific goal for 2019 is to get my first win as a professional, and also qualify for the RBC Canadian Open.

TC:  I would like to get my handicap down to a 10 handicap I would like to compete in normal golf tournaments around Regina and Katepwa and be successful at it, I would also like to post more videos and photos on my Instagram,Twitter and Facebook pages also to go to golf lessons once a month.


7. Who's your favorite player? 

MI; My favorite player is Jordan Spieth because he is a well rounded player and he also does a lot to help grow the game with all of the juniors.

TC:  Favourite  golfer is Justin Rose he's really good golfer without a doubt


8. What’s some of your hobbies of than golf?

MI;  I actually don’t have any hobbies other than golf.  I eat, sleep, and breathe golf.  If I am not at the golf course playing or practicing I am helping coaching the youth. 

TC; I like to hang out with friends, I like to make peoples day better, I love listening to music and going on trips


9. What's your dream job? 

MI;  My dream job is to be a full member on the PGA Tour but if that doesn’t end up working out I would love to start my own golf Coaching company to help kids achieve all of their goals.

TC;  My aspirations right now are to get my golf game good enough to compete at a high level in golf   
my dream job would be to to work in the golf industry and maybe become a golf rep and have my own golf apparel business  


10. Anyone you'd like to thank or shoutout? 
MI;  I would like the thank my entire family for the endless support not only for myself but all of the Junior golfers in the area. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no golf tour that I grew up playing on and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.  I also would like to thank Rachel Spurs for the countless hours she helped me in the classroom and on the course. My coach Jon Roy for everything that he has done not only on my game but on my mental side as well. Jeff Overholt is my Fitness coach. He has helped me get through my ankle injuries and helps me get stronger to ensure I am in the condition I need to be in to perform my best every time I play.  I also want to thank Coach Mike Ricci.  He was my College golf coach at West Liberty University. He helped me get my game to the next level. If it wasn’t for everyone in my life I would not be where I am today, so I just want to say Thank You!!

TC; I would like to thank my family, my friends to all the people who have helped me to where I am today I would also like to thank Kyle Duffin at Callaway golf for making a dream com true to play there clubs and golf balls. I would like to thank Katepwa beach golf club for there support and for allowing me to play golf there for free. Iwould also like to thank Gord Burgess for being my instructor I am excited to see where that takes me and I also would like to thank my dad from the bottom of my heart he help me get into the game and helped me find my true passion in life 


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