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We strive to provide courses with immense value by providing them with free marketing and driving traffic to the course. We target golfers aged 18-29 and this is a hugely undervalued market that is currently not being served. This age group is young and loves trying new things and spends more money on experiences rather than possessions. 

Market Size

Golfers aged 18-29 make up 15.8% of the golfers. A small but underestimated group!

Growth Opportunity

The majority of rounds are being played by 26% of the overall active golfers. Tons of growth potential!

Social Media Experts

We are great at leveraging social media to drive members to your course

Overlooked Potential

Largest influx of new golfers are aged between 18-25. This is where we specialize in bringing in new golfers

How Revelstroke Helps

Our mission is to get golfers aged 18-29 out on the course more often. We have found that people in this age range want to be golfing more often but financially cannot afford to as most are either enrolled or have completed post secondary education and have substantial debt. The older half of our target market will be just finished clearing their debt but trying to save for a house in this crazy housing market. Revelstroke combats this by partnering with courses who understand the financial burden on young golfers.


We target 15.8% of active golfers and while this is a small market we believe it is one of the most critical as this is where the largest influx of new golfers come from. Golfers in this age range are fundamentally different in the way they enjoy the game as well as how they are marketed towards. We know and understand their needs and wants making it much easier for us to interact with golfers.

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